The Basel Stem Cell Network (BSCN)


BSCN creates an environment to foster internationally competitive, innovative and interdisciplinary research in Basel at the forefront of stem cell research and tissue regeneration. The BSCN activities include: 

  • Scientific networking that aims to initiate and intensify exchange between the BSCN member groups and institutions with expertise in basic and clinically related stem cell research. Research Groups
  • Conferences organized in Basel that aim to promote international interdisciplinary contacts and collaborations with world-class centers. News & Events
  • Lectures and seminars by invited renowned scientists and by BSCN group members that aim to educate and attract young scientists and clinicians to the field of stem cell research. News & Events & Education
  • Post-graduate teaching courses at the University of Basel that aim to educate the future generation of stem cell scientists. Education
  • Workshops for the lay audience on diverse topics of basic and applied stem cell research that aim to create a dialogue in the field that is highly publicized but often overwhelmingly complex for the general public. Education.


The BSCN Steering Committee is composed of representatives of the academic member institutions:

Fiona Doetsch (Biozentrum, University of Basel); Raphael Guzman (University Hospital Basel); Ivan Martin (DBM, University of Basel); Jakob Passweg (University Hospital Basel); Antoine Peters (FMI); Timm Schroeder (D-BSSE) and Verdon Taylor (DBM, chairman BSCN). Research Groups

BSCN webmaster: Werner Indlekofer Email.