20 Mar 2022 - 23 Mar 2022
08:00  - 17:00

Conference “Neurogenesis from development to adulthood in health and disease”

The adult brain consists of billions of neurons allowing for a plethora of brain functions. Notably, a large number of neuropsychiatric diseases are associated with early alterations of neural networks. Thus, understanding the process of neurogenesis, the life-long formation of neurons, is of fundamental importance to identify novel strategies for therapeutic approaches.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together experts in neurosciences to discuss these exciting new developments at Monte Verità.

Monte Verità rises on the hills above Ascona and Lake Maggiore, and has always been a magnetic pole of convergence of ideas, trends, experiments and historical figures. Immersed in the quiet and green of a park of more than 7 hectares, with an incomparable view of Lake Maggiore, it offers visitors a unique experience.

Laure Bally-Cuif, Institut Pasteur, France
Stéphanie Baulac, Institut du cerveau, France
Andrea Brand, The Gurdon Institute, UK
Anne Brunet, Stanford University, USA
Silvia Cappello, Max Plank Institute Munich, Germany
Fiona Doetsch, University of Basel, Switzerland
Alex Gould, Francis Crick Institute, UK
Simon Hippenmeyer, Institute of Science and Technology, Austria
Oliver Hobert, Columbia University, USA
Denis Jabaudon, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Sebastian Jessberger, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Marlen Knobloch, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Madeline Lancaster, Cambridge University, UK
Laurent Nguyen, University of Liege, Belgium
Alex Schier, University of Basel, Switzerland
Debby Silver, Duke University, UK
Hongjun Song, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Maria Tosches, Columbia University, USA
Barbara Treutlein, ETH Basel, Switzerland
Pierre Vanderhaeghen, Leuven Center for Brain and Disease research, Belgium 

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