BSCN member group publication June 2020

Human Stem Cell Resources Are an Inroad to Neandertal DNA Functions.

Botond Roska receives Sanford and Susan Greenberg Visionary Prize

Prof. Dr. Botond Roska from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Basel has been awarded the Sanford and Susan Greenberg Visionary Prize. The Director of the Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB) is honored…

Alex Schier – membership of National Academy of Sciences

Prof. Alex Schier, the Director of Biozentrum of the University Basel, elected as a new member of the National Academy of Sciences USA.

ERC advanced grants 2020

for BSCN member research groups led by: Prof. Dr. Dirk Schübeler (FMI) and Prof. Dr. Botond Roska (IOB)

Friedrich-Miescher-Prize 2020 for Nicola Aceto

Nicola Aceto from the Department of Biomedicine awarded for his reseach on circulating tumor cells.

BSCN member group publication December 2019

A 3D Tissue-wide Digital Imaging Pipeline for Quantitation of Secreted Molecules Shows Absence of CXCL12 Gradients in Bone Marrow. Kunz L, Schroeder T Cell Stem Cell (2019) 25:846-854.

BSCN member group publications October 2019

Organoid single-cell genomic atlas uncovers human-specific features of brain development. Kanton S, Boyle MJ, He Z, Santel M, Weigert A, Sanchís-Calleja F, Guijarro P, Sidow L, Fleck JS, Han D, Qian Z, Heide M, Huttner WB, Khaitovich P,…

BSCN member group publications September 2019

Asymmetric lysosome inheritance predicts activation of haematopoietic stem cells. Loeffler D, Wehling A, Schneiter F, Zhang Y, Müller-Bötticher N, Hoppe PS, Hilsenbeck O, Kokkaliaris KD, Endele M, Schroeder T. Nature (2019) 573:426-429.

IOB is part of seed network for creation of Human Cell Atlas

IOB group leader Gray Camp is part of an international team of investigators that will receive funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) to establish a seed network for a project supporting the Human Cell Atlas (HCA), an…

How neuromuscular connections are maintained after nerve lesions

After nerve injury, the protein complex mTORC1 takes over an important function in skeletal muscle to maintain the neuromuscular junction, the synapse between the nerve and muscle fiber. The team led by Prof. Markus Rüegg at the Biozentrum…