Mohamed Bentires-Alj
Departement Biomedizin
Hebelstrasse 20
4031 Basel

Phone +41 61 26 53 313
Twitter @momoBentires

Mohamed Bentires-Alj is Professor of Experimental Surgical Oncology and the research group leader of Tumor Heteregeneity, Metastasis and Resistance at the Department of Biomedicine, University Hospital Basel in Basel. His group is interested in normal mammary gland development and breast cancer. His research focuses on signaling pathways that underlay mammary gland differentiation and breast cancer/metastasis. To achieve these goals, three dimensional cultures, FACS sorting of mammary stem cells and breast tumor initiating cells, mouse cleared fat pad transplantation assay and transgenic and knockout mice are being used.
Bentires-Alj group has numerous national and international collaborations and is a part of the European network of breast development and cancer (

Mohamed Bentires-Alj is founding member of the Basel Breast Consortium initiated in Basel in 2014 committed to the development of basic, clinical and translational research projects in the areas of breast development and cancer.

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