Dr. Matthias Müller
Senior investigator II
Chemical Biology & Therapeutics, CBT, NIBR
Cell technologies
Fabrikstrasse 22-2051.21
CH-4002 Basel / Switzerland

Phone Mobile +41798634566

Matthias Müller is a Senior Research Investigator in the Chemical Biology & Therapeutics platform at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR). His group is interested to identify opportunities for the application of iPS in novel areas of disease relevant biology to provide novel, patient relevant models for cell based screening, disease characterization as well as target finding and validation. The group utilizes a variety of genetic and high-throughput technologies in combination with stem cell tools to identify molecules and mechanisms that contribute to the disease processes in human. The ultimate goal is to use stem cells to discover new treatment approaches and close the gap between lab and clinic. A high degree of automation, such as SelecT, CompacT or bioreactors, helps them quickly scale up iPS-derived cell types. In order to be as close to the in vivo situation as possible, the creation of complex 3D models, organoids or spheroids has top priority in the laboratory.