Prof. Dr. Arnaud Scherberich

Prof. Dr. Arnaud Scherberich
Departement Biomedizin
Hebelstrasse 20
4031 Basel

Phone +41 61 265 23 78

Arnaud Scherberich is Professor of Experimental Medicine and leads a research group at the Department of Biomedicine of the University of Basel. His group aims at regenerating bone and investigates the biology and therapeutic potential of human adipose-derived cells for regenerative applications. The main research topics are:

1) In vitro engineering of osteogenic tissues by innovative cell culture techniques of human adipose-derived cells (use of perfusion bioreactor systems, native niches, nanomaterials) and investigation of the biological processes involved.

2) Use of vascularization techniques (vasculogenic properties of adipose-derived cells, arteriovenous bundles, egg white-based or cell-laid biomaterials) to improve the in vivo engraftment and performance of cells and engineered tissues.

Those strategies led to a Phase I clinical study on bone augmentation in fractures from osteoporotic patients and the reconstruction of a hemi-maxilla after tumor resection in a single case trial.

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