Dr. Jan Tchorz
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
Disease Area X
Novartis Campus, WSJ.360.4.20
Basel, Switzerland

Phone +41 79 8634285

Jan Tchorz is a research group leader at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR). His research focuses on plasticity and multicellular dynamics in tissue stem cell niches. CRISPR screening in complex 3D-organoid models and mice, lineage tracing, transgenic mice and single-cell transcriptomics are used uncover novel mechanisms and molecular pathways orchestrating tissue repair. The team identified novel roles of the Notch, Yap and Wnt signaling pathways in liver regeneration and studied the balance between regeneration and tumor formation. Translating findings from the liver to other organs might identify global players of regeneration for designing novel therapeutic concepts. Collaborations with NIBR`s high-throughput technology and molecular profiling groups enable large-scale pathway genetic screens and single-cell analyses that reveal novel targets within individual pathways and yet unknown heterogeneity within tissue stem cells. Several academic collaborations (e.g. with the University of Edinburgh, Harvard Medical School, University Hospital Z├╝rich and University Hospital Basel) help cross-fertilizing research activities and validation of findings in patient samples. Ultimately, his team aims to identify molecules and biologics with therapeutic potential in regenerative medicine for treatment of diseases with high-unmet medical need.

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