Prof. Dr. Patrick Tschopp
Developmental Biology and Zoology
DUW Zoology
University of Basel
Vesalgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel / Switzerland

Phone +41 61 207 56 49

Patrick Tschopp is a group leader at the Department of Environmental Sciences (DUW) of the University of Basel. The main research focus of the group deals with pattern formation and cell fate specification during embryonic development of the vertebrate skeletal apparatus. In particular, the group studies how changes in the transcriptional control of gene regulatory networks are guiding these processes, and how different signaling pathways are impacting upon the various progenitor populations. Experimental approaches include embryology, mouse molecular genetics, next-generation sequencing and single-cell technologies.

For detail and recent publications: https://philnat.unibas.ch/de/personen/patrick-tschopp/

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